Baby No. 1

Baby No. 1


The Hannah Bergen Baby Heirloom Set is a simple, lasting way to collect, keep and share the cherished memories and stories of a baby’s birth and childhood milestones. Each kit contains:

Vellum cover page

Name Plate

3 Notebooks: Firsts, Guests, & Gifts, and a Note for family and friend’s messages and hopes for a baby

10 Heirloom Tags with archival quality pouches

10 Heirloom Stickers

Cream Italian Cotton ¼ inch Ribbon

1 Pair Gold Stork Scissors

1 Dark Grey Le Pen

25 Special Golden Fabric Pins

9 Baby Book Plates

Alicia Adams Baby Booties are impossibly soft and come in the most beautiful, subtle colors. Each of these gifts will last well beyond the baby years and become lasting keepsakes.

Bootie Color:
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