For the Baby No. 5

For the Baby No. 5


These Alicia Adams Border Blankets are perfectly soft, durable, lovely, and timeless. We love a gift that becomes a staple and this will definitely be that gift. Hannah Bergen Baby Heirloom Set is a simple, lasting way to collect, keep, and share the cherished memories and stories of a baby’s birth and childhood milestones.

Each Hannah Bergen heirloom kit contains:

Vellum cover page

Name Plate

3 Notebooks: Firsts, Guests, & Gifts, and a Note for family and friend’s messages and hopes for a baby

10 Heirloom Tags with archival quality pouches

10 Heirloom Stickers

Cream Italian Cotton ¼ inch Ribbon

1 Pair Gold Stork Scissors

1 Dark Grey Le Pen

25 Special Golden Fabric Pins

9 Baby Book Plates

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