Man’s Best Friend

At Union and Main, we think shopping is always fun, but there is something about shopping for our pups that is fun in a ridiculous way. It feels somehow impractical while it is actually (mostly) essential. Brooke has a gorgeous black lab, Buzz. He lives in the middle of San Francisco, but could hold his own on a large, gorgeous spot out in the countryside. Jenny owns a small King Charles, Poppy. Poppy mostly enjoys the great indoors, but needs to fully look the part of her royal ancestry when she does leave the house. We love shopping for them and we loved gathering these items from an incredible mix of companies. We obviously have different needs for our different size/energy level dogs so the list is a good mix for all pups! We all know that getting a dog is like getting a baby so there is not a more thoughtful gift than one to a new puppy. The owners will always remember it so while you are stocking up on baby gifts, don’t forget the four-legged ones!