Men’s Beach

One of the best things about the beach is that it brings all “types” together: hippies, pale work-a-holics finally out of the office, sun-kissed surfer dudes, dads, east coast preps, Cali cool, etc. We have gathered our favorite items for all. Who knows, maybe it is time for him to try out a new “type” and there is no better place than the beach. We have basically taken him from breakfast to the beach and onto dinner in his Bask terrycloth blazer, Orlibar Brown 007 swim trunks, Sperrys, and Oliver Peoples shades. He should cover his face and shoulders while looking surfer chic with this classic O’Neill hat. All drinks should, of course, be cold for the duration of the long day at the beach which is why he needs this Engel cooler for larger items and this Yeti tumbler for his personal beverages. Finally, he can carry his goods (including his Greenlines suit as a spare) in his Bestmade big bucket bag while protecting water sensitive items in his Frogskin. Now, he’s off to the perfect beach day on any beach East to West.