If you think of a hot dog on a paper plate when someone’s says the word “tailgate”, you have never actually been to a proper tailgate. I can’t speak to tailgates nationwide, but in the South, football is a religion and every detail is treated as such. People plan food for days often including a mix of the latest food trends and some old family favorites. It needs to be good enough and plenty of it to soak up the flowing Basil Hayden. Tailgates often look somewhat like a very casual wedding with the school colors as the theme. Solo cups are often acceptable, but it is not unusual to find a set of Julep or Jefferson cups like these from Salisbury. Avoiding paper is essential to any chic table and we love these tear off napkins and the gorgeous tablecloth to complete the look. Many beverages are offered at any good tailgate so a cooler is a must. We have never met a cooler we love more than this one from Garden and Gun. If this all sounds sort of insane to you, more evidence that you have never been to a proper tailgate and must get yourself to one soon- they rank among my favorite days/parties of the year.