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You can find lots of fun eye candy in our “top ten” lists. Somewhat practical and all fun.


We spend a lot of time researching and searching for hard to find, unique, and special things near and far. You can learn more about the vendors we have partnered with for our collections and what makes them so special.

Alicia Adams Alpaca

Alicia Adams Alpaca is a family business which specializes in the design and production of textiles and clothing utilizing the natural and sustainable characteristics of alpaca wool. In New York’s Hudson Valley, Alicia Adams Inc raises over 200 alpacas on their beautiful farm. The alpacas are shorn yearly and turned into beautiful clothing and home goods which are filling our collections perfectly!

Hannah Bergen

We stumbled upon Hannah Bergen and were struck by the simplicity and beauty of everything from the paper to the ribbon to the scissors. There was a softness to their aesthetic and their story that resonated with us. At Union and Main, we feel that slowing down to remember the special moments is important. We love offering these beautiful heirloom boxes as gifts to new moms. Their sleepless hours can now be put to good use:). We also love anything practical that is also beautiful.

Holmstead Fines

The South knows good food. London knows good food. When a southerner moves to London, she finds the best food and brings it back to the South. Holmsted Fines Chutney is uniquely different from other chutneys on the market. It is an English based recipe that Owner and Creator Rebecca Williamson developed after graduating  Le Cordon Bleu. The balance between sweetness and acidity make Holmsted Fines the perfect condiment for any meats, cheese and vegetables even can be added to cocktails or desserts.


These beautiful trays are handmade in London. There is something so special about sitting in bed with a tray full of goodies. It might be chicken noodle soup when your sick, breakfast in bed for birthdays and special occasions, or just when you need to write a letter or do late night work and it just feels better to do it in bed. These will be passed through generations and we love the thought of that.

Rathbornes 1488

We originally stated emphatically that Union and Main would not be a gift company that sells “another” candle. That was before we met Rathbornes in Paris. Rathbornes is the oldest candle company in the world. Founded in 1488 in Dublin, Rathbornes was created to light the streets. No longer used for safety, these candles are now used to fill homes with a delicate and perfectly restrained fragrance and glow. We love their story, their history, and the somehow modern simplicity of such a historic company.

Richard Brendon

With mass production growing, beautiful craftsmanship is something that is harder than ever to find, but always worth the hunt. Based in London, Richard Brendon specializes in bringing together contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship to create unique and timeless collections. The design has classic elements that will stand the test of time, but also challenges the perception of “classic” by bringing modern and streamlined elements to the pieces. We love the range of design from the pieces with beautiful simple lines to the intricate cut-glass. Nothing makes Union and Main want to entertain quite like this gorgeous glassware.

Studio Patro

We were on the hunt for the perfect linens for our collections and after searching the globe, we found them in our own back yard at Studio Patro. We love the philosophy of owner, Christina Weber – “Useful” and “beautiful” – two words that motivate me in my work and at home. Designer and craftsman William Morris said it best: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Their company motto is “use cloth not paper” and we couldn’t agree more. The linens are timeless and the quality impeccable. The aprons strike the balance of modern and classic. Cooking has never looked chicer. We can’t wait to round out our collections with these gorgeous threads.

Town Cutler

Town Cutler is a multifaceted company dedicated to professional cutlery and handmade culinary goods. Their products are for people with a passion for cooking and an appreciation of enduring handmade goods.
Founded in San Francisco in 2011, by former chef Galen Garretson, Town Cutler is a destination for high-quality knives and a hub for professionals and home cooks to share in their passion for cutlery and cooking. Union and Main has been using their knives for years and there is no one we would rather partner with for our knife collection. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the quality of the materials impossible to beat.

The Wooden Palate

The Wooden Palate was founded by husband and wife team Ryan Silverman and Eileen O’ Dea. Eileen and Ryan create each piece by hand in Los Angeles. Their company started with the belief that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that each chef should love the board on which they serve their creations. We love that each of these pieces are beautiful and functional. They will be passed from generation to generation and used for all of the occasions that make sitting around a table so special.