For the Stocking

For the Stocking


Your days of last minute shopping for stocking stuffers that you want to throw away two days later are over! This is the “make everyone happy” collection of stocking stuffers with fun items for everyone in the family. These items are kid and adult approved. They are playful and happy and useful - exactly what stockings should be filled with. Merry, Merry…

Stocking Stuffer List:

  • Brass Key Rings

  • Turntable LED Keychain

  • Neon Umbrella

  • Travel Laundry Bag

  • Lemon Squeezer

  • EZ Wooden Chopsticks

  • Guitar Pizza Cutter

  • Ruler Pencil

  • Travel Bags- set of 3

  • Rivsalt

  • Pizza Hot and Cold Pack

  • Pea pod Pill Case

  • Jack Games

  • Egg Bouncy Ball

  • Mini Karaoke Microphone

  • Glow In the Dark Playing Cards

  • Happy Birthday Music Box

  • Safe Slot Tech Pocket

  • Bulb Light

  • Emoji Selfie Light

  • Wood Multi- Function Hammer Tool

  • Hammer Multi Tool

  • Cactus Car Charger

  • Cactus Lip Balm

  • Tube Squeeze Keys

  • Wood Nail Clipper Set

  • Red First Aid Box

  • Copper Back Scratcher

  • 5 Minute Shower Timer

  • Copper Head Massager

  • Spinney Wind Up

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