Reader No. 11

Reader No. 11


The Impossible Collection of Cigars is a bid for readers to journey to the fabled Cuban tobacco farms, get up close and personal with the torcedores (master cigar rollers) as they discover the world’s most commendable and coveted cigars. Considering the differences and attributes of cigars like Nicaragua’s Padrón to Dominican Republic’s Arturo Fuente and Davidoff of Geneva, Honduras’ Rocky Patel to the Bahamas’ Graycliff, and, of course, Cuba’s arsenal of legendary smokes, Sigmond’s is a list any connoisseur could only dream of. 

This book is an investment, a statement, and a piece of art. It is the gift to wow a very special recipient on a very special occasion.

Dimensions: 17.9” w x 20”l x 3.5”d

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